Windows 10 Bluetooth Not Working – Potential Fix

I received another customer inquiry on a third party website, where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the customer problem:

“Missing bluetooth in Windows 10.”

This customer owned a Lenovo Yoga 71015IKB laptop computer. This customer installed the latest Lenovo updates. Their problem began after that.

After installing some Lenovo updates, this customer noticed that a bluetooth device was not showing up in device manager. However, bluetooth services were running. This customer was using Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Also, a bluetooth icon was missing from Windows 10. Here is my response:

You can try performing a Windows system restore. Pick a restore point back to before your bluetooth quit working. You could perform a system restore to fix this issue.

It will restore your computer to back before you installed those Lenovo updates. You can view what restore points are available before running a system restore. Type in “System Restore” into search bar or Cortana.

Click on “Create a restore point”. A “System Properties” window will open. Click on “System Restore”.

Click “Next”. Look for a restore point before Bluetooth quit working. Also, you can click on “Show more restore points”.

Choose a Restore Point and then click Next. Click on “Finish” and system restore should begin. Your computer will need to reboot.

This individual gave me a perfect 5 star rating on this website, which means I received compensation for my time and labor. Also, obviously this fixed their bluetooth problem.

However, it is possible that if they try to install those same Lenovo updates, that bluetooth will no longer work on their Windows 10 computer. Another possibility is that those updates will install successfully. It really depends on whether or not those updates will adversely affect bluetooth.

At the very least this individual now knows how to perform a system restore, in case future Lenovo and or Microsoft windows updates causes chaos in their computing life.