Windows 10 Crash Repair – Instructions

Another Microsoft Windows 10 problem in the world order. This time an individual needed help with a constant crashing Microsoft Windows 10 computer. This individual submitted their request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions.

Here is their initial request:

“My computer continues to crash over and over no matter what I am trying to do, also when I try to send an email I get a message back that my own email is marked as spam! Help please!!!!”

Here is my response:

Also, if you have not done so already you might want to run some malware, spyware, and virus scans. I can recommend and give you instructions for some spyware and virus tools. You can download my preferred malware and spyware removal tool for free.

Make sure that program is updated before you run a scan. I was able to remotely connect to this computer and perform the following maintenance. I ran a malware and spyware scan.

Five major malware objects were found. This required a restart of Microsoft Windows 10, in order to completely remove these objects. This computer did NOT have third party antivirus installed.

However, Windows defender was updated and functional. I did NOT run a virus scan because one had already been performed earlier that morning, when viewing the Windows defender log. I ran one instance of an system file check scan.

In order to perform a system file check, you will need to open a command prompt with administrator rights. Then you want to type this command verbatim into the command prompt. Press enter and a system file check scan will begin.

sfc /scannow

I did NOT schedule a chkdsk scan because this computer needed a restart to remove the malware objects completely. This individual did NOT complain of anymore crashes. However, this did NOT fix the email messages being marked as spam.

Here is my tip to try to rectify their email being marked as spam problem. You might want to start using the new version of Gmail. I noticed your using the older version of gmail.

You would log into your Gmail account and start using the new version of it. Also, you could try using a different web browser and see if that fixes the problem. This individual did NOT respond back claiming their email is still being marked as spam.

When email providers like Gmail, upgrade their email systems, it is advisable to begin using their newest email system. Sometimes email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. allow you to use their older web based email systems. Also, a quick test of a web based email system, is to use a different web browser.

If you see the exact same problem, in this instance, your email messages being marked as spam, then that rules out it being web browser specific. I am suspicious it is because they are using an older instance of Gmail. If you are still NOT able to rectify a crashing Microsoft Windows 10 computer, then I would highly suggest you run a check disk scan.

You will need to open up a command prompt with administrator rights. Then you want to type the following command and press enter.

chkdsk c: /f /r

Next, you want to type Y for yes when notified that the file system is in use. You will then need restart your computer. Do NOT touch the keyboard.

A check disk scan should begin in about 10 seconds. This is a full comprehensive scan that can take hours to complete. There are five total stages and eventually your computer will restart and boot Microsoft Windows 10.

If check disk scan does not begin, you can go ahead and issue the check disk command again. Remember, you must type this command into a command prompt with administrator rights. This blog post was written for a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, but can certainly be used as a basis point to try to perform Windows 10 crash repair on other Microsoft Windows operating systems.