Windows 10 Updates Cause – Alexa DOT to Stop Working Fix

Another computer problem caused by none other than Microsoft Windows 10 updates. This time an individual installed some Microsoft Windows 10 updates, and they were no longer able to control there Amazon Echo DOT wireless speaker. Here is the original question quoted verbatim.

Three days ago Microsoft did a three hour update on my computer, after which my ALEXA/DOT stopped working. Please give me assistance.

This individual owned a Dell Inspiron laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 operating installed. Their Amazon Echo Dot wireless speaker was not connecting wireless any longer after a Microsoft Windows 10 update(s) took three hours to install. Perform a system restore.

Restore your computer back to before you had this problem. Click the Windows 10 start menu icon in lower left corner. Select “Search” and type in “System Restore”.

Click on “Create a restore point”. A “System properties” window will open up. You should be in the “System protection” tab of that window.

Click on “System Restore”. Another “System Restore” window will open up. Click on “Next”.

In the next window you will be able to select your restore point. Also, you can place a check box in the “Show more restore points”. What you want to choose here is a date and time before you were having your current problem.

Choose a restore point back to before you were having your current computer problem(s). Now you click “Next”. In order to begin system restore, you select “Finish”.

Your computer will have to reboot in order to restore it back to the restore point that you picked. This individual used my system restore tip and conferred with Amazon support and were able to fix their Amazon Alexa Echo Dot problem.

When in doubt, use deductive reasoning. Try to remember when your problem occurred. Also, try to remember what if any computer changes may have caused your problem.

Since this problem first started occurring after some recent Microsoft Windows 10 updates were installed, then logic tells you that it could have been the updates themselves that caused this debacle. Microsoft Windows system restore is a pretty good tool, when it does work. You should always keep a backup of your important data.

Also, never interrupt a Microsoft Windows system restore. As soon as you click on “Finish”, the system restore begins the process. Interrupting a Microsoft Windows system restore could potentially cause a further quagmire, to the point that Microsoft Windows will become corrupt enough that it will not boot successfully again.