Windows 7 – Block Internet Access Allow Local Access

I recently decided to install wireless network cards in multiple computers. This way each computer has their own dedicated Internet access and bandwidth. However, I still want these computers to access my local private network.

I have a dual core computer running Windows Vista that I use as my dedicated file server. This computer does not need Internet access. Also, I like to use Windows built in Remote Desktop to access other machines.

I have a switch hooked up to my Linux router. However, this router routes Internet packets because I still have some machines that don’t have their own dedicated wireless Internet access yet. This switch is for Internet access and private access to my file server.

I ran into a problem where if obviously I connect a computer that already has wireless Internet access to this switch, then this computer will have two Internet connections. My work around is to disable Internet access on the wired local area network.

All you have to do is manually configure an Internet protocol address. Set a netmask and do NOT fill in a gateway. Also, you can optionally set a manual domain name server address to an internal network one if you have a local domain name server.

What this setup allows you is to still browse your local private network but NOT access the outside world the Internet. I successfully configured a quad core running Windows 7. You want to go to “Control Panel” then select “Network and Internet”.

Now choose “Network and Sharing Center”. Click on network device you want to disable Internet access for. Select “Properties” then select “TCP/IPv4” or “TCP/IPv6” if your network uses internet protocol version 6.

Click on “Properties” and then click on “Use the following IP address”. Configure an internet protocol address and netmask. Do NOT set a gateway.

By not including a gateway you are blocking access to the Internet. You do NOT need to enter any domain name server addresses under “Use the following DNS server addresses:”. Click on “OK” then “Close” and “Close” again.

You should now only be able to access your local network devices and NOT the Internet.