Windows 7 Media Test Failure – Troubleshooting

Another computer problem relating to Microsoft Windows operating system. This time an individual was having problems with Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Here is the original initial question quoted verbatim.

Hi I am having trouble starting it. It will load with the Thinkpad logo and then I will be taken to the boot menu I am given a “media test failure” or something phrased that way…it quickly goes away and the boot menu will appear it is a Thinkpad W520.

This individual was using an International Business Machines ThinkPad W520 laptop. Microsoft Windows 7 was the operating system installed. There hard drive was an available option in this laptop’s boot menu.

Power off your computer. Power it back on and immediately start tapping your F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens. Make certain to start pressing your F8 key before windows tries to boot.

Choose “Last known good configuration”. If that does not work then try “Safe mode”, “Safe mode with networking” or “Safe mode with command prompt” from that same advanced boot options menu. This individual was not able to successfully enter the advanced boot options menu.

I was able to find the recovery keystroke in the IBM ThinkPad W520 user guide. Many modern computers have a way to enter a special recovery environment, where you can reinstall the operating system via a recovery partition. This is known as factory recovery, factory restore, rescue, etc.

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Turn the computer on and immediately start tapping the F11 key. Make certain to press the F11 key before Windows tries to boot. Hopefully, Rescue and Recovery tool opens.

This individual was not able to successfully enter the rescue and recovery environment. Yes, it might say recovery, restore, etc. on the CD-ROM. You can try to boot off of it and see.

Insert CD-ROM. Power on computer. You can boot off of a Windows 7 installation CD-ROM. You don’t need to load drivers.

Reinstall the operating system if that is a choice. Try “Repair this computer” or boot into safe mode and run system file check and check disk scans. Chances are that this Microsoft Windows 7 was corrupt to the point that you could no longer boot into any Microsoft Windows 7 modes.

However, the hard drive was detected by the computer Basic Input Output System. Also, they were not able to access the rescue and recovery environment. This could be user failure or I have seen recovery partitions become corrupted.

You could potentially run a check disk scan on the recovery partition to repair it. This individual had a Microsoft Windows 7 installation CD-ROM, so this gave them the ability to fix the problem or just reinstall the operating system. With Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, you can legally reinstall the operating system as long as you enter a legit product key.

Look for a Microsoft Windows 7 certificate of authenticity sticker. On this sticker you should be able to view a 25 character product key. It is always a good idea to have your important data backed up and to save any recovery, restore, reinstall CD-ROM, DVD, USB flash drive, that comes with your computer.

These instructions were written for an IBM ThinkPad W520 with Microsoft Windows 7 installation. However, they can be used as a basis point for other computers with Windows 7 installed and potentially other Microsoft Windows operating systems.