Windows Check System – How to Fix a System 32 Windows Error

Your second computer is a desktop with Windows XP home edition. At a moment you are not able to
do anything and you do not have an original operating system CD.

It shows a system 32 windows error. How are you to get that desktop working? A computer you are on now is a laptop with Windows 7.

You need to get that desktop Dell computer working again. Can you help? You tried booting from a friends Windows professional CD?

You can try booting that computer into safe mode. Power on that computer and immediately start tapping an F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens. Select “Last known good configuration” from that menu.

If windows still does not boot normally, you can go back into that advanced boot options menu and this time select “Safe mode with command prompt”. Type in “sfc /scannow” without quotes. Hopefully, that will fix your issue.

You can borrow a friends Windows XP disc to reinstall windows as long as you have a COA Certificate of Authenticity sticker with a product registration key. Make sure you get a proper Windows XP CD to install with that matches a version of XP with that COA sticker ie. XP Home Edition if that sticker says Home Edition or XP Professional if that sticker says XP Professional.