Youtube ad Monetization – Request Manual Review Not Working

Another problem with YouTube ad monetization appears. This time this platform’s “Request manual review” button is no longer working. I am NOT the only YouTube content creator with this problem.

YouTube’s artificial intelligence or lack there of algorithm is flagging some videos as “Not suitable for most advertisers”. This problem has also been affecting countless YouTube content creators. Now a new problem arises when the request manual review button does not work.

When I click on this button, it goes from solid blue to greyed out, then the button appears again. Normally, after a few seconds this page refreshes itself and that blue request manual review button disappears. If you then look at that video details from video manager you will see a “Review requested” status.

A google product forum question was asked about this problem on August twenty seventh of this year. I did NOT start seeing this problem with the request manual review button until today. I have noticed more and more of my YouTube videos are being flagged as not suitable for most advertisers.

I have most of my videos getting flagged within twenty four to forty eight hours. However, around five older videos from even years ago, are now getting flagged. Some of those videos are now monetized after I submitted manual review requests.

One YouTuber emailed YouTube’s support team and received this response:

“Thanks for reaching out to YouTube Creator Support! I’ve consulted with our technical team, and they confirmed there is a technical issue affecting. The engineers are hard at work and will implement a solution as soon as they find the fix.

Unfortunately, at this point we don’t have a timeline on when the problem will be fixed, but I’ll keep you up to date as we have more information. We appreciate your patience and cooperation and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.”

Later on in this forum question thread, YouTube claimed this problem was fixed around October seventeen. However, three days later now for the very first time, I cannot submit manual reviews. I tried multiple web browsers, more specifically succinctly Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

I made certain that I did NOT have any ad blockers enabled. However, as of this blog post creation I cannot submit request manual reviews. These types of intentional problems, at least to me, could cause some YouTube content creators to quit using YouTube.

One of my solutions is to start uploading my video content to other platforms like,, etc. I have tried clicking on request manual review more than once to no avail. However, I was able to get two videos submitted for manual review by clicking this button a sccond time.

However, I tried clicking this manual review button more than once on some other videos and it would not get submitted.