Zeroconf – How to Disable, Re-install, or Remove Bonjour

If you are unable to install Apple iTunes, Microsoft Skype, Adobe Premiere, or other software programs that require the Bonjour service, then you will need to either disable Apple Bonjour or remove it. Apple Bonjour is a service also known as zero configuration networking, which enables automatic discovery of computers, devices, and services on Internet protocal networks. As a tip you will want to remove the Apple Bonjour service or disable it. Then once you remove or disable that Microsoft Windows operating service you can then try installing Apple iTunes, Microsoft Skype, Adobe Premiere or whichever software you were not able to install initially.

You can always install the Apple Bonjour software once you are able to successfully install that software you initially could not before. Also, you can download and install a software application designed to disable Apple Bonjour instead.

1. You will want to open the Microsoft Windows “Start” menu. Then select “Run”. Now you can type the following command without quotes. You will want to click on OK when prompted.

“%PROGRAMFILES%BonjourmDNSResponder.exe” -remove

2. You can browse to the C:\Program Files\Bonjour folder.
3. You will want to rename a mdnsNSP.dll file in that folder to mdnsNSP.old
4. Now you will want to restart your Microsoft Windows operating system based computer.
5. You can then delete that C:\Program Files\Bonjour folder.

That first command above will stop and remove the Apple Bonjour service from your computer with Microsoft Windows operating system installed. In order to to confirm the removal of the Apple Bonjour software progra, you want to open up the Microsoft Windows operating system “Start” menu. Then select “Run” to open up a run box. Now you will want to type services.msc into that run box. You will want to look for an Apple Bonjour service name.

If Apple Bonjour service is not listed in that window, you have successfully removed that software program service. Another option is the Gizmo Project has created a small tool called TurnOffBonjour, which turns off and removes that Apple Bonjour service. However, it will not remove that Apple Bonjour folder from the C:\Program Files directory in Microsoft Windows operating system.

You will still need to manually delete that Apple Bonjour folder after restarting your computer. The reason why you are advised to delete that folder after a Microsoft Windows operating system restart is in case there is a problem. Those Apple Bonjour software program files are still there for you to restore if necessary. If you encountered problems after removing Apple Bonjour service, then you can easily remove and then install again that Apple Bonjour service.

These instructions were specifically written for Microsoft Windows eXPerience operating system, but can certainly be used as a general basis point for Microsoft Windows Vista, seven, eight, ten, and eleven operating systems. The step by step instructions will vary depending on which Microsoft Operating system you are using. However, you can use them to guide your way through the troubleshooting and potential fix with this Apple Bonjour service problem.

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