Apple iPhone Battery Replacement – For Model 4S A1387

As a computer repair technician, sometimes I get other requests. For example one of my customers wanted me to diagnose her Apple iPhone 4S smart phone. I could only get this device to power on and work one time.

I had discharged and then charged this battery. However, I could not get this device to start up properly again. After researching this on the Internet, I concluded that an Apple iPhone battery replacement was in order.

There are two screws that you need to remove from the bottom. You will not be able to remove the back cover without removing these screws. After you remove these screws then you will be able to remove the back cover.

You might want to use a plastic pick, similar to a guitar pick to loosen the cover. You do NOT necessarily want to use a screw driver or other metal device because you may end up scratching this smart phone. Flip the phone so that back cover is visable.

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Push the back cover upwards and away from yourself. The cover will slide off. This Apple iPhone 4S came with an Li-ion battery.

There are two really small screws to the bottom left of this battery that you have to remove, in order to take out a small attachment. You do not want to loose this attachment. Now you can take a plastic or other type of tool that won’t scratch up this battery.

This battery was glued onto the back side. Slowly, loosen the battery and glue with your plastic tool. Eventually, the battery will loosen enough so that you can take it out.

The battery connection now pops out too, because you removed a cover piece earlier. Now all you have to do is install the replacement battery. You have two really small screws and small attachment to tighten.

Do not forget the two larger bottom screws. You do NOT want the back cover to come off. You have just completed a Apple iPhone battery replacement for model 4S A1387.