Asus M70V – Is Your Laptop Failing to Boot After Windows Updates?

Last week Microsoft released automatic updates. When you rebooted, updates one and two configured but it gets stuck on thirty percent complete and starts rebooting again. You can’t get out of that loop.

You have tried getting in from a BIOS, then installing a different operating system, all to no avail. This is something Microsoft did, not you, by sending out a faulty update. Can you help please you ask.

You can power on that other computer and immediately keep tapping an F8 key until an advanced boot options menu opens. Choose “Last known good configuration”. Hopefully, it will boot normally.

Also, you can try running a Windows system restore. Choose a date before these Microsoft Windows updates caused your boot problem. Restore your computer back to when it was functioning properly.

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If that does not fix your issue, you can perform a factory restore then. There might be an option to perform a Windows system restore either on a recovery CD or using a recovery partition on a hard drive. Power on that laptop and immediately start tapping an Esc key.

A boot menu should open up then select to boot off your DVD-ROM drive. Make sure your Recovery DVD is loaded into your DVD-ROM drive first. Do you have data on that hard drive that you want to keep?

If you choose that option, “All files on the hard disk’s partitions will be lost while using the recovery CD”, will reinstall Vista and restore your computer to when you purchased it. That wizard should reinstall a fresh version of Vista then.