AT&T Wireless – Provides Call Protect to Try to Stop Spam Calls

American Telephone and Telegraph released AT&T Call Protect for high definition wireless phone customers on December twenty two thousand sixteen. This new service is Free for current residential customers. Call Protect is aimed at combating spam voice calls.

This service will automatically try to stop fraud and or scam calls. If you are in an high definition voice call area you will receive suspected spam warnings on incoming calls. You will then be able to accept or deny these calls.

Also, with a downloadable AT&T Call Protect application, you can block calls temporarily for up to thirty days. However, you cannot block unknown numbers. This Free application supports Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

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AT&T Call Protect is available for current wireless customers with Android or iOS smart phones, in high definition voice available areas. Automatic fraud calls blocking may block wanted calls. However, you can turn off this feature or allow specific numbers.

This free service to existing customers can filter out telemarketers, politicians, debt collectors, etc. You might be charged for data transfer usage from free smart phone application depending on your data plan. When you are not in a high definition voice call area, spam calls will still be blocked.

You won’t received suspected spam call warnings and will not be able to manually accept or deny these calls. In order to activate this service, you will need to log into your myAT&T account. You can cancel this service via myAT&T, calling 1-800-331-0500, or 611 from you wireless phone.

International spam calls are possibly blocked. Also, you can view a list of blocked calls via an AT&T application.