Cannot Open Microsoft Excel – Troubleshooting Steps

Another Microsoft Office problem. This time an individual could NOT open Microsoft Excel nor Microsoft Word. Here is the initial original request:

“Cannot open Microsoft or excel. Also Microsoft word it’s…”

Here is my original initial response:

What operating system are you using? For example Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10. If you have not done so already, restart your computer and see if that fixes your problem.

You can go into “Activity Monitor” on Macintosh and end any Microsoft Excel and or Word processes that are stuck.
On a Microsoft Windows computer you can go into “Task Manager” and end any stuck Microsoft Excel and or Word processes. Also, you can try to perform a repair on Microsoft Office.

I can send me more detailed instructions if you need them and you tell me what operating system you are using. I can schedule a check disk scan for you or I can give you instructions. Your computer has some major problems.

System file check will not run which is not normal. Hopefully, a check disk scan will fix your computer. The check disk scan will require a reboot.

It can take a few hours for the check disk to run. Just wanted to let you know in case you need access to your computer. You will not be able to use your computer while check disk runs.

Here are the instructions to schedule a check disk scan:

You want to open up a command prompt window with administrative rights. Click Windows 10 “Start” button then type in “cmd” without quotes into a search box. Right click on “cmd” and choose “Run as administrator”.

Click on “Yes”. In that command prompt you want to type in the following command:

chkdsk c: /f /r

A check disk scan will display a volume is in use message. Type Y for yes. This will schedule a chkdsk scan for the next time you reboot that computer.

Reboot that computer and allow chkdsk scan to run. Do not touch your keyboard. A check disk scan should begin within 10 seconds.

It may take a few hours to complete. If a check disk scan does not begin. Follow the previous instructions and schedule the scan again.

This individuals computer was completely fucked up. One clue that this Microsoft Windows based computer was in despair was that a system file check scan would NOT work. Since a system file check scan would not begin, it is possible that a check disk scan would have problems.

However, whenever I come across a Windows based computer with this many problems, I still go ahead and attempt to schedule a check disk scan. Initially, I had attempted to reinstall Microsoft Office. However, it kept failing.

That is when a system file check scan could come in handy. I have suspicions that this Windows based computer is way too corrupt to even be able to fix. However, you may be able to use these troubleshooting steps in order to fix Microsoft Office.

Initially I attempted to perform a repair install of Microsoft Office. You may want to make sure that you have your Microsoft Office installation CD-ROM, installation download, or access your Office 365 subscription. Many times you can login with your Microsoft account and reinstall Microsoft Office from the Office 365 portal.

I even used my preferred PC Optimization tool to no avail. Also, you could attempt to run malware, spyware, and virus scans. This computer was beyond repair.

I was going to perform a system restore, however, there was NOT a restore point back to before Microsoft Office quit working. Microsoft Excel, Word, etc. would not open. Also, I received errors when trying to reinstall Microsoft Office 2010.

This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Microsoft Office 2010 plus installed. At this point, in order to install Microsoft Office, you may need to either perform a “Reset this PC” or wipe and reload Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. This is why you should always backup your data.

That includes backing up all your software installation media and or downloads. As a computer repair technician often times, you can save time by just wiping and reloading. However, Windows 10 has a feature called “Reset this PC” which is quite easy to use for an average computer user.

There are two options with reset this PC. One will allow you to keep all your personal data, but loose all your programs. The other option will remove all your personal data and programs.

These two options will then reinstall Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Your computer system might not be as corrupt as this computer was. In that case you could possibly fix Microsoft Office with these troubleshooting steps.

These instructions were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed and Microsoft Office 2010 plus installed. You can certainly use these instructions for other Microsoft operating systems and other Microsoft Office versions.