Epson Workforce 3640 Error Code 0x97 – Fix

Another printer problem and request. Generally I avoid printer problems when it comes to diagnosing printer error codes directly on the physical printer. This problem was computer related.

Here is the original initial request verbatim:

“I have been trying for two days to get my printer to work, will you please help. I just need help, I never had this problem before when I start the print process I get this message, PRINTER ERROR ERROR CODE 0x97.”

Here is my initial original response:

Are you receiving this error on your computer or the printer itself? Also, what operating system are you using? For example Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10.

If you have not done so I would power off the printer and power it back on. Then restart your computer and see if you can print. If you have an Epson Work Force 3640 you may need to update the firmware to fix that error.

You can download the firmware update from this link:

Your operating system should be detected automatically. If not, then click on a drop down list next to “Operating System”. Choose your correct operating system.

Look for “Firmware version…”. For example:

Firmware version CB0912

Then you click on the “Download” button. Save this firmware to your computer. Double click this executable.

Follow the installation prompts. If your printer is successfully detected it should update the firmware. Do not power off the printer during the firmware update.

Once the firmware update successfully installs, hopefully you will be able to print again. I would not normally recommend updating printer firmware. However, I found that updating the firmware for an Epson 3640 cleared this 0x97 error code.

Updating firmware on any device can seem like a daunting task, the first time you try to perform this activity. You want to make certain that you never power off the device while the firmware is being updated. Firmware is permanent software in read only memory for hardware devices.

Many devices are designed to allow for firmware updates. Luckily, printers are one of these types of devices that allow for the upgrade of firmware. Like I stipulated earlier in this blog post, I have an if it is NOT broke then do NOT fix it mentality.

I only recommend updating firmware when absolutely necessary. A failed firmware update can leave a device bricked and useless. Firmware updates are similar to flashing the basic input output system of a computer.

Another tip is to make certain you are using a firmware update for the exact device that you are upgrading. Obviously you could not update the firmware on an Android with an Epson 3640 firmware update. However, when it comes to similar device models, this can turn into a bit of a grey area.

To me it is best to become cautious and double check that indeed the firmware update that you are about to install is supported by the exact device you are updating. Once you have a few firmware upgrades under your belt you will become more proficient with them.

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