Quicken 2002 Windows 7 – Installation

Another computer request in the information technology world order. This time an individual needed help trying to install an older version of Quicken 2002. They had this program installed on a computer with Microsoft Windows 7 installed.

Here is the initial original request:

I have an old Quicken that I love and have used for many years 2002 version. It just went blank on me and cant pull up any of my old accounts. Is it because it is to old?

This individual was very lazy minded to me. I asked them what version of operating system, they were using and responded with:

“It doesn’t matter.”.

Bull fucking shit, it does matter what operating system you are using when trying to troubleshoot software problems. This individual requested a live phone call. They were extremely rude by continually talking over me.

This is a common trait with Americans that I have noticed with pattern recognition. Here is my original initial response before our telephone call. What operating system are you using?

For example Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows 7, 8, or 10. You might be able to perform a repair on that Quicken software.

The exact version matters so that I can give you detailed instructions. You can go into “Control Panel” and then depending on what version of windows you are using, look for “Apps and Features” or “Programs and Features”. Select Quicken software by clicking on it.

Look for “Modify” or “Repair”. This individual was not able to repair Quicken 2002 with my assistance. I asked them if they still had the Quicken 2002 installation media.

Amazingly enough this individual still had a Quicken 2002 installation CD-ROM. I guided them through the installation process. I instructed them to first remove Quicken 2002 from within “Programs and Features” on a computer with Microsoft Window 7 operating system installed.

This required a reboot of their computer. You want to then place your installation media into your optical drive. Most installation media especially on CD-ROM will automatically start the installation process.

Follow the Quicken 2002 installation prompts. Another item of contention is make sure that you have your Quicken data backed up or in a location that is not in the installation path. For example:

C:\Program Files\Quicken 2002

If you store your Quicken database in the afore mentioned folder it will most likely get deleted if you reinstall Quicken 2002. This customer kept their Quicken data in a different location. They were able to import their data and access it after the reinstallation of Quicken 2002 Windows 7 style.

I did try to see if the customer could perform a Microsoft Windows 7 system restore. However, they were hesitant on using this tactic. Also, a repair on the Quicken 2002 did not bare any fruit so to speak.

If you would prefer to try a Microsoft Windows 7 system restore, then here are the steps to follow. Click the Microsoft Windows 7 “Start” menu button. Type in “System Restore” into a run or search box.

Choose “System Restore” or “Create a Restore Point”. Click on “Next” then choose a restore point”. You want to choose a restore point back to before you were having this problem with Quicken 2002.

Also, you can click on “Show more restore points” that may display older restore points. Select a restore point by clicking on it and then click “Next”. Finally, click on “Finish” to begin the system restore process.

Your Microsoft Windows 7 computer will restart and become restored to the date and time you selected. These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. However, they can certainly be used as basis points for other Microsoft operating systems.

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