Can’t Print After Update to Windows 10 – Troubleshooting

I received another Microsoft Windows 10 request. Imagine that with the world’s worse operating system. Anyways, here is the original initial request:

“Can’t print to either of my printers from my laptop after a Windows update. Can you please tell me how to get these working again.”

Here is my response:

You may need to reinstall the printer software. At the very least try to verify if the printers are listed in “Printers and scanners” on Windows 10 or “Devices and Printers” in Windows 7. Are these printers connected via USB or wireless?

If wireless make sure the internet protocol address is correct for these printers in the printer properties. I can give you more detailed instructions if I know what exact version of Microsoft Windows you are using. This individual was using a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

They kept receiving a driver unavailable error message. I was able to remotely connect and fix this proverbial Microsoft Windows 10 update debacle. First thing I performed was to browse into printer properties for both printers.

Type in “Printers & scanners” into a search bar in Microsoft Windows 10. Select your printer by clicking on it. Select “Manage”.

Now you want to go into printer properties by clicking on “Printer properties” on left hand side. Document any important printer configuration settings. The internet protocol address should be listed in “Location” on the “General” tab.

You want to make certain you document at the very least the internet protocol address if the printer(s) is connected wireless. Also, you want to find out the exact printer model(s) in case you need to download printer drivers and software. Often times I am able to find the installation software for printer(s) on an individuals computer in the “Downloads” folder.

However, I would not count on this. This individual had attempted to remove and reinstall these printers to no avail. After documenting printer information, I went ahead and went into “Programs and Features” and removed both printers.

Also, I browsed to “Printers and Scanners” and made certain there were no printers listed here. I proceeded to use my preferred PC optimization tool. I ran both cleaner and registry scans.

Microsoft operating systems are notorious for accumulating junk, temporary, cache, Internet cache, etc. files. Also, the Microsoft Windows registry entries for printers can become corrupt. I was able to install both printers successfully.

However, there were pit falls involved when I tried to just reinstall the printer software again over the previous installation. You may run into issues where by after a Microsoft Windows 10 update, that no matter what you try, you cannot fix a problem. This is when perhaps performing a Microsoft Windows 10 system restore is apropos.

Click on the “Cortana” search icon. Type in “System Restore” in a search box. Choose “Create a restore point”.

You should have been taken to a window with “System Protection” tab selected. In this tab click on “System Restore…”. Click “Next” on “Restore system files and settings”.

Choose a restore point by clicking on one, then click “Next”. Try to choose a restore point back to before you were having this problem. Click on “Finish” to confirm your restore point.

Windows 10 system restore will need to restart your computer and can take awhile to run. Eventually Windows 10 will boot normal. Hopefully, this will fix your problem.

Also, you could try uninstalling the Microsoft Windows 10 update that caused your printer(s) to quit working. This would require you to know the exact knowledge base that was installed. Here is an example fictitious knowledge base:


This might not be feasible since often times Microsoft deploys multiple Windows 10 updates at a time.