Canon MG6150 Software – to Print CD Labels Download

Another computer request from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original initial request:

“I have just replaced my computer. Although I have lost my installation disk, I have Managed, with online assistance, to install my Canon MG6150 Printer. It prints well on paper, but I also want to print on CD’s and DVDs.

However I don’t seem to have the software for doing this.”

Here is my original initial response:

You can download and install this Easy Photo Print software. You can print CD-ROM labels with this software. Click on “Download”.

Then you will receive a disclaimer pop up. Click on “Click to Accept & Download”. Once this software is downloaded to your computer, then you want to browse to the software.

Double click this software installation executable. Follow the onscreen installation prompts. This individual was able to successfully install this Easy Photo Print software.

This software is compatible with both 32 bit x86 and 64 bit x64 bit computer hardware architecture and operating systems. Also, this Canon MG6150 software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Windows 10 operating systems. If you have Microsoft Windows XP installed, you will need to have at least service pack 2 installed.

The latest version 4.7.0 is fifty eight megabytes in size. This Easy Photo Print allows you to create labels for CD-ROM and DVD discs. This software is compatible with quite a few Canon printers which are listed conveniently for you below:

    Bubble Jet i250
    Bubble Jet i320
    Bubble Jet i350
    Bubble Jet i455
    Bubble Jet i475d
    Bubble Jet i560
    Bubble Jet i6500
    Bubble Jet i70
    Bubble Jet i80
    Bubble Jet i865
    Bubble Jet i905d
    Bubble Jet i9100
    Bubble Jet i965
    Bubble Jet i990
    Bubble Jet i9950
    image PRO-1000
    PIXMA E204
    PIXMA E304
    PIXMA E3140
    PIXMA E404
    PIXMA E414
    PIXMA E464
    PIXMA E474
    PIXMA E484
    PIXMA E514
    PIXMA G1400
    PIXMA G1410
    PIXMA G1411
    PIXMA G1500
    PIXMA G1510
    PIXMA G2400
    PIXMA G2410
    PIXMA G2411
    PIXMA G2415
    PIXMA G2500
    PIXMA G2510
    PIXMA G3400
    PIXMA G3410
    PIXMA G3411
    PIXMA G3500
    PIXMA G3510
    PIXMA G3515
    PIXMA G4400
    PIXMA G4410
    PIXMA G4411
    PIXMA G4500
    PIXMA G4510
    PIXMA iP100
    PIXMA iP1000
    PIXMA iP110
    PIXMA iP1300
    PIXMA iP1500
    PIXMA iP1600
    PIXMA iP1700
    PIXMA iP1800
    PIXMA iP1900
    PIXMA iP2000
    PIXMA iP2200
    PIXMA iP2500
    PIXMA iP2600
    PIXMA iP2700
    PIXMA iP2702
    PIXMA iP2840
    PIXMA iP2845
    PIXMA iP2850
    PIXMA iP2855
    PIXMA iP3000
    PIXMA iP3300
    PIXMA iP3500
    PIXMA iP3600
    PIXMA iP4000
    PIXMA iP4000r
    PIXMA iP4200
    PIXMA iP4300
    PIXMA iP4500
    PIXMA iP4600
    PIXMA iP4700
    PIXMA iP4840
    PIXMA iP4850
    PIXMA iP4940
    PIXMA iP4950
    PIXMA iP5000
    PIXMA iP5200
    PIXMA iP5200r
    PIXMA iP5300
    PIXMA iP6000d
    PIXMA iP6210d
    PIXMA iP6220d
    PIXMA iP6600d
    PIXMA iP6700d
    PIXMA iP7240
    PIXMA iP7250
    PIXMA iP8500
    PIXMA iP8740
    PIXMA iP8750
    PIXMA iP90
    PIXMA iP90v
    PIXMA iX4000
    PIXMA iX5000
    PIXMA iX6540
    PIXMA iX6550
    PIXMA iX6840
    PIXMA iX6850
    PIXMA iX7000
    PIXMA MG2140
    PIXMA MG2150
    PIXMA MG2155
    PIXMA MG2240
    PIXMA MG2245
    PIXMA MG2250
    PIXMA MG2255
    PIXMA MG2440
    PIXMA MG2450
    PIXMA MG2540
    PIXMA MG2540s
    PIXMA MG2545s
    PIXMA MG2550
    PIXMA MG2550s
    PIXMA MG2555s
    PIXMA MG2940
    PIXMA MG2950
    PIXMA MG3040
    PIXMA MG3050
    PIXMA MG3051
    PIXMA MG3052
    PIXMA MG3053
    PIXMA MG3140
    PIXMA MG3150
    PIXMA MG3155
    PIXMA MG3240
    PIXMA MG3250
    PIXMA MG3255
    PIXMA MG3540
    PIXMA MG3550
    PIXMA MG3640
    PIXMA MG3650
    PIXMA MG4140
    PIXMA MG4150
    PIXMA MG4240
    PIXMA MG4250
    PIXMA MG5140
    PIXMA MG5150
    PIXMA MG5240
    PIXMA MG5250
    PIXMA MG5340
    PIXMA MG5350
    PIXMA MG5440
    PIXMA MG5450
    PIXMA MG5540
    PIXMA MG5550
    PIXMA MG5640
    PIXMA MG5650
    PIXMA MG5740
    PIXMA MG5750
    PIXMA MG5751
    PIXMA MG5752
    PIXMA MG5753
    PIXMA MG6140
    PIXMA MG6150
    PIXMA MG6240
    PIXMA MG6250
    PIXMA MG6340
    PIXMA MG6350
    PIXMA MG6440
    PIXMA MG6450
    PIXMA MG6640
    PIXMA MG6650
    PIXMA MG6840
    PIXMA MG6850
    PIXMA MG6851
    PIXMA MG6852
    PIXMA MG6853
    PIXMA MG7140
    PIXMA MG7150
    PIXMA MG7540
    PIXMA MG7550
    PIXMA MG7740
    PIXMA MG7750
    PIXMA MG7751
    PIXMA MG7752
    PIXMA MG7753
    PIXMA MG8140
    PIXMA MG8150
    PIXMA MG8240
    PIXMA MG8250
    PIXMA mini220
    PIXMA mini260
    PIXMA MP110
    PIXMA MP130
    PIXMA MP140
    PIXMA MP150
    PIXMA MP160
    PIXMA MP170
    PIXMA MP180
    PIXMA MP190
    PIXMA MP210
    PIXMA MP220
    PIXMA MP230
    PIXMA MP240
    PIXMA MP250
    PIXMA MP252
    PIXMA MP260
    PIXMA MP270
    PIXMA MP272
    PIXMA MP280
    PIXMA MP282
    PIXMA MP450
    PIXMA MP460
    PIXMA MP470
    PIXMA MP480
    PIXMA MP490
    PIXMA MP492
    PIXMA MP495
    PIXMA MP499
    PIXMA MP500
    PIXMA MP510
    PIXMA MP520
    PIXMA MP530
    PIXMA MP540
    PIXMA MP550
    PIXMA MP560
    PIXMA MP600
    PIXMA MP600r
    PIXMA MP610
    PIXMA MP620
    PIXMA MP620b
    PIXMA MP630
    PIXMA MP640
    PIXMA MP750
    PIXMA MP760
    PIXMA MP780
    PIXMA MP800
    PIXMA MP800r
    PIXMA MP810
    PIXMA MP830
    PIXMA MP970
    PIXMA MP980
    PIXMA MP990
    PIXMA MX300
    PIXMA MX310
    PIXMA MX320
    PIXMA MX330
    PIXMA MX340
    PIXMA MX350
    PIXMA MX360
    PIXMA MX374
    PIXMA MX375
    PIXMA MX394
    PIXMA MX395
    PIXMA MX410
    PIXMA MX420
    PIXMA MX434
    PIXMA MX435
    PIXMA MX454
    PIXMA MX455
    PIXMA MX474
    PIXMA MX475
    PIXMA MX494
    PIXMA MX495
    PIXMA MX514
    PIXMA MX515
    PIXMA MX524
    PIXMA MX525
    PIXMA MX534
    PIXMA MX535
    PIXMA MX700
    PIXMA MX714
    PIXMA MX715
    PIXMA MX725
    PIXMA MX7600
    PIXMA MX850
    PIXMA MX860
    PIXMA MX870
    PIXMA MX884
    PIXMA MX885
    PIXMA MX894
    PIXMA MX895
    PIXMA MX924
    PIXMA MX925
    PIXMA PRO-10
    PIXMA PRO-100
    PIXMA PRO-100s
    PIXMA PRO-10s
    PIXMA Pro9000
    PIXMA Pro9000 Mark 2
    PIXMA Pro9500
    PIXMA Pro9500 Mark 2
    PIXMA TR7540
    PIXMA TR7550
    PIXMA TR8540
    PIXMA TR8550
    PIXMA TS204
    PIXMA TS205
    PIXMA TS304
    PIXMA TS305
    PIXMA TS3140
    PIXMA TS3150
    PIXMA TS3151
    PIXMA TS5040
    PIXMA TS5050
    PIXMA TS5051
    PIXMA TS5053
    PIXMA TS5055
    PIXMA TS5140
    PIXMA TS5150
    PIXMA TS5151
    PIXMA TS6040
    PIXMA TS6050
    PIXMA TS6051
    PIXMA TS6052
    PIXMA TS6140
    PIXMA TS6150
    PIXMA TS6151
    PIXMA TS8040
    PIXMA TS8050
    PIXMA TS8051
    PIXMA TS8052
    PIXMA TS8053
    PIXMA TS8140
    PIXMA TS8150
    PIXMA TS8151
    PIXMA TS8152
    PIXMA TS9040
    PIXMA TS9050
    PIXMA TS9055
    PIXMA TS9140
    PIXMA TS9150
    PIXMA TS9155
    SELPHY DS700
    SELPHY DS810
    SmartBase MP360
    SmartBase MP370
    SmartBase MP390
    SmartBase MP700
    SmartBase MP730

items, 0, 3); // specify first and last item