Microsoft Word is Not Opening – Fix

Another computer problem on Microsoft Windows 10 of all operating systems. I received a request on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original request:

“I have a 2016 version of Office Home and Student. I cannot open Word this morning. I have the documents.”

This individual had installed some Microsoft Windows 10 updates recently. However, they claimed they were able to open Microsoft Word successfully. They were using a computer with Microsoft office home and student 2016 version.

Here is my response:

You can restart your computer if you have not done so. Please post any error messages you are receiving. Also, you can try to perform a repair on Microsoft Office.

Browse to “Add or remove programs”. Select office home and student 2016 by clicking on it. Look for “Repair”.

Choose “Repair” if it is available. Another thing you can try is to use a PC optimization tool. Run both cleaner and registry scans.

If Microsoft word still will not open, there are some system scans you can perform. I can provide more detailed instructions. This individual requested that I remotely connect and fix the problem for them.

I have learned from years of troubleshooting Microsoft Office issues to first check task manager. In Microsoft Windows 10, you can right click the task bar and select “Task Manager”. Also, you can type in “Task Manager” into a Cortana search box.

Once in task manager I look for suspicious activity. Perhaps high memory, central processing unit, and or hard drive utilization. Also, I have learned to look for a process called “Microsoft Office click to run“.

This process was designed with multiple benefits. One benefit being that it makes using multiple versions of Microsoft office on the same computer efficient. However, my experiences with Microsoft office click to run is that this process can cause problems.

One of those problems being that it will cause a Microsoft office application not to open. What I do to fix this problem is to end each Microsoft office click to run process. This computer had three of these processes running.

I right clicked each one in task manager, and then selected “End task”. Each one of these processes spawned again. However, after ending these three process tasks, guess what?

Microsoft Office home and student 2016 Word opened successfully. This was a pretty simple fix. I described how to perform these tasks to this individual in case they kept having problems with Microsoft Word is Not Opening.

Since this was a quick easy fix, I shall you give some bonus tips in case you were still NOT able to fix this problem. Always reboot your computer. You might be surprised how many times this will fix an issue.

Another tactic you can try is to perform a repair on Microsoft Office home and student 2016. Follow the instructions to perform a repair earlier in this blog post. Do NOT overlook necessarily malware, spyware, and viruses.

Microsoft Windows 10 includes Windows Defender which is a free malware and virus scanner. Also, you can run two system scans. You want to perform a system file check.

sfc /scannow

Also, you can run a check disk scan.

chkdsk c: /f /r

Type Y for yes when prompted with a volume is in use message. Restart that computer and do NOT touch the keyboard. A check disk scan should begin within 10 seconds.

If the scan does NOT begin, then schedule it again using the instructions above. Finally, you may have to reinstall Microsoft Office student and home edition 2016 in the worst case scenario. These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows 10 with Microsoft office 2016 student and home edition.

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