Canon Pixma IP1600 Inkjet Printer – Get Printing on Windows 7

You have a Canon Pima IP 1600. You received a new computer and can not find the CD-ROM to load that printer for use. Can you download what you need to use your printer again?

You do not know exactly what you have to download to get your old printer to work with your new computer. You can not find that CD-ROM disc for your Canon Pixma IP 1600 printer. That Microsoft Windows 7 printer driver for your Canon Pixma 1600 printer is provided by Windows update.

Simply connect your printer to your computer, and then power that printer on. A driver will be installed automatically as long as your computer is connected to the Internet. You can also download and install some utilities for Canon Pixma IP1600 Software depending on your printer model.

Have you downloaded and installed supporting software for your printer? If not you can download that Canon supporting software. Choose “Printers” obviously under 1 “Select Category” then “PIXMA iP Series” under 2 “Select product type”. Choose your exact printer model under 3 “Select model”.

You may receive an error in that printer box after installing that software. Also, it popped up saying printer not activated with an error code -20. You can try rebooting your computer into Windows safe mode.

After your computer BIOS displays press your F8 key then in that menu please choose “Safe mode with networking support”. See if that error still exists. If it clears up then please reboot that computer in normal mode and see if you are still receiving that error message.

You could also make sure to log into Windows 7 with an administrator account so that those drivers get properly installed and then log back in with a normal user account. These instructions were written for a Canon Pima IP 1600 inkjet printer connected to a computer running Microsoft Windows 7.

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