Check ISP Speed – With HTML Test

Are you wondering how fast your your Internet speed is? You can check ISP speed for free with html test tool. This bandwidth tool uses your web browser’s built in Hyper Text Markup Language capability.

You don’t need to install Adobe Flash Player or Java software. This tool is compatible with Google Android, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, other mobile devices, Microsoft Windows on desktop computers. This test tool shows you real time statistics.

Both your download and upload bandwidth is tested. Information is displayed in megabits per second. Also, this tool tells you what your latency is in milliseconds.

All you have to do is browse to check ISP speed at Then you click on a “Start Test…” button. This Internet Service Providor speed test downloads real sample files from your web browser.

Also, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers are recommended with this test. You can try using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but older versions might not properly display an upload progress. Current speed data is real time and a bar graph is also used.

Maximum download and maximum upload statistics are also displayed. Your average download speed is shown at top next to “Download”. Your average upload speed is shown below download speed next to “Upload”.

Here is an example of my test result in Google Chrome web browser:

Download: 28.42 Mbps
Upload: 6.28 Mbps

The date is shown as well as the location of test server used. Your public Internet Protocal address is also displayed. This test tool runs multiple passes.

When I just ran this test, ran three passes each for download and upload bandwidth. If your a live streamer like myself, you can use this test to quickly find out your upload bandwidth. With this information you can adjust your encoding settings to match your available bandwidth.