Social Media Platforms – Down

I have recently just began using This is a relatively new social media platform that was created in two thousand and sixteen. Steemit has been hacked before.

When I attempted to login today, I couldn’t even get to the main homepage. This website just kept timing out. I tried clearing Internet cache and cookies in each web browser.

I tried using three different web browsers; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even Microsoft Internet Exlorer to no avail. The exact timeout message I received was “ took too long to respond”. I could not find a outage page.

I found some older articles and blog posts detailing when had been hacked in two thousand sixteen. When I tried pinging, I kept getting “Request timed out” messages. However, just because a website responds with request timed out messages does not necessarily mean that that website is indeed failing.

You see you can block incoming Internet Control Message Protocal packets. The pinger will just receive request timed out messages as if that website is down. I did eventually find a page at for Steemit.

However, according to that website had no problems. I tried multiple computers to no avail. I even tried accessing via my Android device.

I found some threads over at that talked about other people having problems accessing However, none of them talked about today’s outage. I could not access Steemit it all today.

I concluded that Steemit indeed had an outage and it was not just my imagination. Another troubleshooting technique I could have tried and so can you is to try to access this social media platforms website via a computer or device with a different Internet connection ie. McDonald’s, Starbucks, library, friend, etc.