Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – HTML5test Benchmarking Tool

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox which one supports html5 best? HTML5test is a free web browser benchmarking test tool. This test actually tests what portions of html5 are supported in your current web browser and can compare them to other web browsers.

This HTML5 test tool was developed by Niels Leenheer and most current version as of the time of this blog post creation is 8.0. This tool does NOT test every single facet and option of HTML5. All you have to do to use this HTML5 benchmarking tool is to browse to

Once this website opens up you will be presented with a score. The higher the score the better. Also, there is a maximum score of five hundred fifty five points.

Your current browser version and operating system is displayed below your web browser score. For example, “You are using Chrome Dev 60.0.3112.113 on Windows 10”. You can compare your test result with other web browsers by clicking on “other browsers” tab.

You are then presented with four subcategories:

* desktop browsers
* tablets
* mobile
* other

Another way to compare your web browser html5test score is to click on “compare”. You will be able to choose up to five other web browsers to compare. There is even a drop down list with different browser version numbers to compare with.

My Google Chrome browser version 60.0.3112.113 received a five hundred eighteen score out of five hundred fifty five total points. Each major section of html5 is tested, but not all features of html5 are tested. I used this tool to find out how Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox performed best.

This html5test tool was last updated on June sixteen two thousand sixteen. Some web browser benchmarking test tools are outdated and no longer supported. This tool seems to still remain actively supported.