Computer Won t Connect to Internet – Troubleshooting Tips

I received another question on a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. Here is the original question:

“I have been having problems connecting to the internet for the last couple of days. Yesterday morning it worked. Yesterday evening it did not.

Again this morning it worked, but this evening most of the time it did not. A couple of times it kicked in on one computer but not on another. On the computer that did gain connectivity I could only access some sites.

I again called the provider and they tried re-setting the modem. Now one of the computers has connectivity but the other computer does not. Any idea why the other computer is not able to connect?”

The following is my response. Remember my customer did submit a positive review. What that means is that I helped solve their problem and received compensation for my time.

The following tips may or may not help you solve your own computer won t connect to Internet problem. If you have multiple devices, then you might want to power cycle all of them. For example if you have a broadband modem, wireless router, switch, and a couple of computers you would want to power cycle all those devices.

I would first power cycle the broadband modem router. Then wait like 10 minutes. Now power cycle any other switch, wireless router, etc. that is hooked up to your Internet modem and wait another 10 minutes.

Then I would reboot any computers that you have. Another thing you could look for is loose ethernet cables. Make sure all ethernet cables are tight and none are loose.

Also, you could try flushing the DNS cache on your computers. In windows you open up a command prompt with administrative rights and enter this command:

ipconfig /flushdns

If none of these tips help, you could hook up one computer directly to your broadband modem and see if your Internet connection drops or is slow. You want to bypass any networking device(s) that might be failing or causing problems. You want to try to isolate whether or not the problem is with your Internet service provider, Internet modem, switch, wireless router, or computer, etc.