How to Install Updates on Windows 10 – When They Are Failing

I successfully helped another customer with their Windows 10 updates. Windows 10 updates in my opinion have been nothing short of a disaster since their inception. This is just one possible way to install Windows 10 updates if they fail to install.

Here is my customers question:

I have been having problems updating my windows 10 version 1511 forever. The updates hang up every time that it tries to install the updates. I had Microsoft try to solve this problem several months ago but it was never fixed and windows keeps trying to update almost every day.

Which is very frustrating. I had Reimage work on the computer and…they could not update it either. I need help.

All I want is to have the computer upgraded with out hanging up and reinstalling the old version.

This individual has an Acer Aspire M3970 desktop with Windows 10. Microsoft had worked on this computer for several hours but it did not solve this issue of getting windows 10 upgraded to the current version. Reimage worked on this computer for 2 hours to no avail.

My customer gave me a positive rating which just means that I get compensated for my time. Also, obviously the following instructions helped them solve their problem. Now I am going to describe to you a possible way to successfully upgrade your stubborn Windows 10 computer.

Please download the Windows 10 installation media creation tool. You do NOT need to create a USB or DVD disc.

You will download Windows 10 updates using this tool and then once it finishes downloading, that tool should begin to upgrade Windows 10.

Click on that download link and then select “Run”. Select “Accept” on the license terms page. Select “Upgrade this PC Now” on the “What do you want to do?” page.

Then you click “Next”. This download can take awhile depending on your Internet connection speed. This is a possible potential tip.

I have had far greater success using this tool to try to fix Windows 10 update issues for my customers. Also, this procedure may not always work depending on the overall status of your computer. This procedure is easy enough that most endusers can at least give this a try.