Why Won t my Chromebook Turn on – Troubleshooting Steps

I had a customer with an Acer Chromebook that would not power on. Here was there question:

“I have an Acer Chromebook 14 that will not turn on. No lights no noise. Just that it was new as of December.”

I received a positive rating from this customer from my answer. This means I received compensation for this answer and that my customer found this information productive. Please disconnect the power cable from both the wall outlet and Chromebook.

Then press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. Plug the power cable back into the wall outlet and Chromebook. Now press the power button and see if it will turn on.

You can try this instead. Hold down the “Refresh” key and then press the “Power” button. It may power on.
The Refresh key looks like a half circle with arrow.

You could take out the battery, but I think it is probably under the bottom cover. You could try powering it on without a battery. However, if that Acer Chromebook is still under warranty, I would not recommend taking it apart, as that could void the warranty.

Another possible reason why won t my chromebook turn on is faulty memory. Again if your Acer Chromebook or any other brand Chromebook is still under warranty, I would advise against trying to service it yourself, because of the fact you could void your warranty. Take off the bottom cover and look for one or two possible random access memory modules.

Take them both out and see if your Acer Chromebook will now power on. If it successfully powers on than that means you just needed to reseat the memory, have faulty memory, or faulty memory slot(s). Try powering on that Chromebook with just one memory module at a time.

Also, try powering it on, by testing each different memory slot. You want to try to use the process of elimination.
If under warranty and you think it is a hardware failure you could contact Acer or the place you purchased it, to get it looked at.

These tips were written for an Acer Chromebook 14. However, you could certainly use them as a basis to troubleshoot other brands of Chromebooks.