Connect to Server Linux – on Kali From Android With Remote ToGo

I had a YouTube live stream chatter ask if I could help them connect from their Android device their Kali linux machine. They were running Kali Linux 2017. They want to remotely control their Kali linux box from their Android.

First you need to install xrdp on your Kali linux machine. Then you need to start this service. Finally, you want to enable this protocol to start each time Kali linux boots.

These commands should perform afore mentioned tasks. You will need to login with root privileges.

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get install xrdp
service xrdp start
service xrdp-sesman start
update-rc.d xrdp enable

At this point you can now remotely connect to your Kali linux machine via remote desktop protocol. You can use clients like Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection. You should see a login window.

Now, you want to install a free RemoteToGo RDP/VNC For Android application from the Google Play Store. Once you install this application on your Android you want to open “RemoteToGo”. Click on “NO” to continue with application.

Click on “NEW CONNECTION”. You want to make sure you select RDP. You have to enter information under “Label” and “Host”. You can enter anything under label. You want to type in hostname or ip address of your Kali linux machine.

I had to enter my username and password under “Credentials”. My Android virtual keyboard does not work with this application. Click the back button to go back a screen.

RemoteToGo will ask if you want to save your connection. Choose Yes. Click on your connection and it will automatically remote into your Kali linux machine.

If you hold your finger on this connection a pop up menu will open up. You can “Connect”, “Edit”, or “Delete” this connection from that menu. Hopefully, you have now successfully controlled your Kali Linux machine from your Android device.