Create a Bootable USB – Flash Drive With Rufus

Rufus is my preferred application to create bootable Universal Serial Bus flash drives. This program is free and open source. This is a stand alone program that supports Windows XP and newer operating systems.

You can run this program on both thirty two and sixty four bit operating systems. Rufus will create bootable flash drives for both Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. For example you can create a bootable Ubuntu installation Universal Serial Bus flash drive.

All you have to do is download an ISO image and then burn it to a flash drive. Mount a Universal Serial Bus flash drive. I always just use default settings with Rufus.

Select your ISO image using a “Click to select” icon next to “Create a bootable disk image using”. All of your data on your flash drive will become deleted. Then you just click on “Start”.

Burning large ISO’s to bootable image can take awhile. Developers of Rufus claim that this application is faster than unetbootin. Also, there are updates available with this program.

I think automatic updates are disabled by default. Click on “About” in bottom left of Rufus. Select “Updates”. If a newer version of Rufus is available you will be able to download it.

Remember, Rufus is a stand alone executable. This program does not get installed into Programs and Features. You can even change the language that this programs uses in upper right hand corner.

You can choose a blank volume label for your bootable flash drives or enter your own.