Display Android Screen on PC – Wireless With ApowerMirror

A viewer on my Anet Computers YouTube channel, requested that I make a video demonstrating ApowerMirror wireless option. I had previously made a video explaining how to install and use ApowerMirror. However, I did not demonstrate the wireless option.

WiFi mode doesn’t let me control from pc. Could you make a video and use WiFi in that?

Adesuwa Dxxxxx

ApowerMirror is a FREE application to display Android screen on PC on your Google Android and Apple iPhone. Your Google Android device must be running Android version 5.0 or newer.

If you have an Apple iPhone then any version with AirPlay is compatible. You will be able to actually control your device from your Android and or iPhone. You can screen capture and record your smart device screen.

Also, you can take screenshot photos. A professional version is available for commercial use that removes an ApowerMirror watermark. In order to be able to control and stream your Android or iPhone screen wireless, you must be connected on the same WiFi network.

Then you download and install ApowerMirror from either Google play store or Apple store. Once this display android screen on PC application is installed, then click on a blue ApowerMirror icon to scan for your computer. Remember both your Android and computer must be on same WiFi network.

Also, you must install ApowerMirror desktop application. Make sure that you select “WiFi Connection” on both your computer and Android device. On your smart device you will see your computer labeled as “Apowersoft[username]”.

If your Microsoft windows username you login with is johndoe than your computer will show up as “Apowersoft[johndoe]”. Tap on Apowersoft[johndoe] and you should be connected via WiFi. Your WiFi connection will dictate how responsive this works.

For example an 802.11 n connection will be better than an 802.11 g connection. You should be able to see your Android screen on your computer now. You can use ApowerMirror in guest mode.

However, most of the FREE version features are disabled. You must register for a FREE account in order for other FREE features to become enabled.