Domain Name Service – Major BIND Flaw Could Disrupt Internet Use

The Internet Systems Consortium, released a bulletin yesterday pertaining to a possible hole in Berkeley Internet Name Domain software. This is a popular domain name service software that is used on computer networks. Simply put a domain name service converts domain names like to a web server Internet protocol address.

A possible denial of service flaw was found in following versions of Berkeley Internet Name Domain software:

BIND 9.1.0 to 9.8.x
BIND 9.9.0 to 9.9.7-P1
BIND 9.10.0 to 9.10.2-P2

This is a critical exploit that can be accessed remotely. Server administrators should upgrade to a patched version as soon as possible. You should install one of a following versions of BIND to solve this potential security hole risk:

BIND 9 version 9.9.7-P2
BIND 9 version 9.10.2-P3

You can download one of these patches from this Internet Systems Consortium downloads page. There are Windows thirty two bit, Windows sixty four bit, and zipped tar file downloads available. You can check out Internet Systems Consortium official blog post about this possible Berkeley Internet Name Domain exploit.