Nvidia Corporation – How to Return Your Nvidia Shield Recall PC

Nvidia Corporation announced today a voluntary recall of all their Shield Tablet personal computers. This company will replace all eight inch tablet computers sold between July two thousand fourteen and July two thousand fifteen.

Batteries in this tablet computer can over heat potentially causing a fire hazard. No other Nvidia products are part of this recall. You can obtain further information about this Nvidia Shield Tablet voluntary recall.

Nvidia recommends backing up your data and no longer using these devices except when necessary. Once you register for this recall you will then receive a new replacement tablet computer. You will be filing a claim to receive a replacement.

You will need to make sure your Nvidia Shield Tablet has latest software. Select an “Apps” icon then select a “Settings” icon. Scroll down further and select “About tablet”.

Select “System Updates” to verify that your tablet has more current software from July first two thousand fifteen to more recent. Now you need to identify your tablet’s battery type. Select an “Apps” icon again.

Select a “Settings” icon then select an “About tablet” icon further down. Select “Status” to verify your battery type under “Battery”. There are two possible battery types. Either B01 or Y01.

If your Nvidia Shield tablet has a B01 battery type then that computer does NOT need a recall. However, if that battery type is Y01 then it will need replacement. Select Y01 to begin recall application on this tablet.

You will see a recall notice on screen with your device serial number. You will need to enter your serial number, first name, last name, postal address, city, country, phone number, and email address, into this Nvidia Shield Tablet Recall Program registration page. You will need to select “YES” in a drop down list recognizing that your old tablet computer will be disabled remotely once you receive your new tablet replacement.

Click on a “Submit” button at bottom of this screen. You will then need to enter your “Claim number”, you received after entering above form, in an “Enter Claim Number” and then click “Next”.

Have additional questions about this recall? Nvidia has a 888-943-4196 recall hotline phone number for Canada and United States customers and frequently asked questions page with international numbers.