DRM System – How to Fix Your Rhapsody Player DRM Problem

Rhapsody will not work on your Windows 7 64 bit computer and states DRM needs to be installed, but Windows 7 will not install it. Starting Rhapsody as administrator, logging into Rhapsody and then when trying to authorize computer it states DRM needs installation. You hit restart to install and restart Rhapsody automatically.

After doing this, you get same message. You can try running or installing it in compatibility mode. Try running it in any of Vista compatibility modes if possible.

Start Rhapsody with “Run as Administrator” by right clicking a Rhapsody desktop icon. Let it go ahead with DRM install. Rhapsody should close.

Start it again with a “Run as Administrator” option. Test Rhapsody ie. play a song, authorize your computer if necessary, etc. Hopefully, it will work fine going forward, and you won’t need to start it as Administrator again.

Please pause or disable Kapersky anti-virus or any anti-virus software that may block Rhapsody. Start Rhapsody and allow DRM to install. Also, go ahead and activate.

Once successful then enable or stop pausing your antivirus. To re-enable Kaspersky Antivirus, go to ‘SETTINGS’, if Kaspersky is disabled, it will tell you that you have connections open, and ask if you want to close them. A default is “Yes”, change it to “No” and continue.

Make sure your computer is authorized with Rhapsody and test to see if you can play music, etc.