Mcafee Subscription – How to Verify Your Subscription Renewal

You have already paid for your McAfee Subscription for one year, you renewed it recently. It still reads on your McAfee home screen that your subscription ends today. Did you have automatic renewal enabled?

If you did then Mcafee would have charged your credit card automatically and renewed your subscription for another year. If you manually paid your renewal payment then that might be why it still has an expiration date. Also, I have read on some other Mcafee forums that a day after your old subscription period, then Mcafee’s system auto renews your subscription for another year.

“After talking with Customer Support, we were told that after completing this installation, our subscription would automatically renew after the expiration date. So I guess we’ll find out on 9/30 if this really has been renewed. Our expiration date on the Security Center still indicates expiring on 9/29/2008.

It would have been really helpful if there would have been some type of notification provided that indicates our subscription has been renewed for a year. Instead we have wasted many many hours of our time, other customer support people, and the help of others on this forum. The Customer Support person I just talked with said they have been through this before”

Well I think as long as Mcafee received your renewal payment that tomorrow it will automatically renew your subscription with them and state on your Mcafee Home Screen that it renewed. As long as your antivirus still works tomorrow then it renewed. If your Mcafee virus protection stops working tomorrow because of auto renewal didn’t go through for some reaon, you can contact them via Mcafee chat and email support.

Also, you can contact them via phone at:

To speak with a Customer Service representative, call 866-622-3911. You may be asked for your registered email address and order number. Telephone charges may apply.

Average contact length: 10 minutes Estimated wait time: 5-10 minutes Hours of Operation: Available daily, 6AM-6PM Pacific time.

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  1. I need to change my e-mail address to and I want to auto renew my subscription but I’m not sure my credit card number is the same as it was last september when I purchased my computer and your antivirus. i can’t seem to follow the instructions that I have received from your website. I have an e-mail account on here but I’m not using it now. Thans Joan Holmes

  2. Hello,

    I recommend you contact Mcafee at 866-622-3911 or via there Mcafee chat and email support page. If you have auto renewal turned on, then as long as you didn’t change credit card numbers, it will automatically renew a day following your expiration date. If you manually renew your subscription by phone, then their software will continue to have an expiration date until it is past that expiration date.


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