Facebook Comment Moderation Tool – Instructions

I received a question from a reader on my Anet Computers blog post concerning how to install the Facebook comment plugin. She wanted to know how to actually moderate comments using this plugin by wpdevart.

“Hi I installed this plug in and it shows on my website but only by accident going through my posts did i see a comment how do i see notifications of comments is it on the backend of wordpress or somewhere else because without checking every post manually i cant see where i would see comments

Thanks Rose”

I am not aware of you being able to moderate Facebook comments via the WordPress dashboard. However, according to official developer information pertaining to Facebook comment moderation tool, there are two ways to moderate your Facebook comments on your website. You can moderate comments on your posts or pages by browsing to each post or page and then clicking on “Moderation Tool” right above where you would type in a comment.

As a technology blogger, I have written over six hundred blog posts now, and this would not be productive for me to have to view each blog post in order to moderate comments. However, this is one option. Another way to moderate your Facebook WordPress comments is to browse to Facebook’s developers tools and support page.

Scroll down and click on “Comments Moderation Tool”. You must be logged into Facebook and have a developers account. Also, you can certainly bookmark this link for faster access.

If you have multiple blogs like I do, then there will be a drop down list where you choose which application you created for this Facebook WordPress comments plugin. There are five tabs that you will see:

* review
* public
* hidden
* flagged
* my que

In the first tab “Review” you will see any comments that you need to review and moderate. You can quickly select “Approve”, “Hide”, or “Report Spam”, when moderating your Facebook WordPress comments. The “Public” tab shows all of your comments that you approved.

A “Hiddent” tab shows all your comments that you set to hidden. This is where most of my spam comments reside. Flagged comments are those Facebook WordPress comments that are flagged by other Facebook users.

“My Que” is used if you have more than one moderator and you assign comments to yourself to review. You might want to check out a “Settings” link on the right hand side near “Help”. You can sort, enable attachments, enable notifications, set moderation rules, assign moderators, blacklist words, and view banned users.