Facebook Comments – WordPress Plugin Installation Insructions

Are you searching for a FaceBook comments plugin for your WordPress site? I recently wanted to add ability for readers to leave comments on my blog at AnetComputers.com via FaceBook. FaceBook allows website’s to access their comments plugin via an advanced programming interface.

However, after reading through their documentation, I decided to look for a plugin, instead of trying to implement it on my site for blog post commenting. You can just use a short code, but you would need to add this short code to each and every post and or page you want to allow FaceBook commenting. Luckily, I found FaceBook Comments WordPress plugin by wpdevart.

First thing you want to do is either create a new FaceBook application on their developer website if you don’t have one. If you already have a FaceBook application for your WordPress, you can use an existing application ID instead of creating another one. Browse to FaceBook Developers and then login with your FaceBook account.

On upper right hand side look for “My Apps”. Click on drop down arrow and select “Add New App”. Enter in a name for your application, an email address to get contacted about your application, and category for your application.

Click on “Create App ID”. FaceBook will now create this new application and take you to your dashboard. You should see your app ID in this dashboard for your newly created FaceBook application. Leave this window open as you can just copy and paste this application ID into FaceBook Comments WordPress plugin settings.

You will need to configure this application to work with your website. Click on “Settings” and then click on “+ Add Platform” button. In a popup window choose “Website”.

In a “Website” settings page now created enter in your website URL both under “Site URL” and “Mobile Site URL”. Now you will install this plugin. Login to your WordPress website dashboard.

Select “Plugins” from left hand side and then choose “Add New”. On right hand side in a “Search Plugins” box type in FaceBook Comments Plugin. Install this plugin developed by wpdevart.

Click on “Install Now”. Once installed, you need to click on “Activate”. Look for blue Facebook icon and select FB Comments comment box settings. Enter in your FaceBook application ID in “APP ID Important” field.

Click on orange and white “Save Section” button. FaceBook comments should now be enabled for your WordPress site. Finally, each field marked with green font “pro” are not configurable without purchasing pro version.

In order to make changes to allow comments on your Home page, wordpress posts, or pages make changes in “Display comments on” section.

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