Facebook Login – Fix Facebook Account Temporary Suspension

Is your Facebook account temporarily suspended? You can try resetting your Facebook password. You can use this Facebook User Password Reset tool. If that tool will not let you reset your Facebook account password, you can try looking through some Facebook help support topics.

You will want to read over Facebook support Accounts Help section. According to Facebook support, you will have to go through a security process in order to have your account suspension lifted. You can read over Facebook support Account Suspend section.

If you think your Facebook account was suspended by mistake, contact information is available for Facebook support personal. They can look into your account to see if it is not an issue with their security system. You can email your situation to any of Facebook support contact email addresses below.



If you send an email to a disabled facebook email address, you can follow these directions under the “I think my account was disabled by mistake” section. You can check out this Disabled Facebook section. You can send an email message, pertaining to your Facebook account situation, to the Facebook support email addresses below.



Also, you can try the additional troubleshooting steps below. It is recommended by Facebook support that you use the same computer or smart phone that you used to log into Facebook most recently. You will be able to recover your account, reset your password, etc.

If you are still not able to log into your Facebook account, you can submit one of the following forms below. Facebook support will then investigate your account. For problems logging in, you can fill out this form.

If your Facebook account is disabled, you can fill out this form. You will want to allow Facebook support a few weeks to investigate your account, then you can try to log into your Facebook account again.

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