Sync Ipod – Solve iPod Sync Issue May Cause iTunes to Freeze

Syncing an Apple iPod player may cause Apple iTunes software to freeze. Your Apple iPod is actually recognised and you are able to view a set up Apple iPod screen. However, when you select “Done”, that Apple iTunes software program then freezes.

You can download and install the most recent version of Apple iTunes software from Apple below. You will want to Download iTunes Program software that is the newest version available. Downloading and install the newest vesion of Apple iTunes software program onto your computer may fix your problem.

You will want to click on the appropriate software version radio button. Also, you can remove a check mark from those boxes next to the “Email me” and “Keep me up to date with” options, if you do not want to receive any email messages from Apple. You can then attempt to synchronize your Apple iPod and hopefully that will resolve your problem.

If installing the newest version of Apple iTunes software does not resolve your issue, then you can try another option which is to format your Apple iPod again. In order to do this you will want to make sure that all your files and songs on your Apple iPod are already backed up. If your Apple ipod is empty, then you can proceed and format your Apple iPod media player again.

You will need to connect your Apple iPod media player to your personal computer or Apple Macintosh computer and then Apple iTunes software program will attempt to try to synchronize your Apple iPod device. If that Apple iTunes software freezes again you can attempt further troubleshooting. This time you will want to kill that Apple iTunes software process, either by continually hitting that “X” icon to close that software program or by pressing your “Ctrl”, “Alt”, and “Delete” keys at the same time.

A processes window menu will open up after pressing ctrl, alt, and delete. You will want to then highlight Apple iTunes and then select “End Process”. Once that Apple iTunes software program is closed, then you will want to browser to “My Computer”.

In that "My Computer" window you will see a separate drive and letter for your Apple iPod media player device. You can right click that drive and then select "Format". This will erase everything on your Apple iPod so you will want to make certain that you have all your files off your Apple iPod backed up first, if you have any.

Once your Apple iPod is formatted again, you can then try to synchronize it again with the Apple iTunes software program. These proceeding instructions were for written for a Microsoft Windows operating system based computer. You can substitute these appropriate commands and actions for your Apple Macintosh computer.

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