Factory Reset Laptop – Causes Keyboard to Malfunction

I recently installed a live chat plugin on this website. I am able to receive messages after hours when I am not logged in. I received an after hours message from an individual claiming that there keyboard stopped functioning after they performed a factory reset laptop.

my keyboard stopped working when I factory reset had a glitch


I am assuming they reset their laptop but they may have reset a desktop computer. Without further context, I will give you some tips to fixing this problem. You could try to troubleshoot this problem with your computer that was just restored back to factory.

However, this might be a huge time waster. What I would recommend is that you try the factory reset laptop or desktop again. Over the years I have noticed that sometimes I have to kick off an operating system install a second time because the first time, it was not one hundred percent successful.

If you choose to troubleshoot and your mouse still works you can go into device manager on which ever version of Microsoft operating system you are using. I am assuming this individual was using a Microsoft operating system. Without further context, I do NOT kow for a fact.

You can delete your keyboard from within device manager. Either click on a “scan for hardware changes” icon or reboot that computer. Hopefully, your keyboard is now detected and working properly.

This assumes that you are using a laptop with the integrated keyboard at issue. It could be that keyboard drivers were not properly loaded when you factory reset laptop. If you have an external keyboard, I would try to disconnect and reconnect this keyboard.

If you have a Personal System 2 type keyboard you may need to restart windows after disconnecting and reconnecting. You may need to power off your computer, then disconnect and reconnect your keyboard. If you have a USB keyboard you should be able to disconnect and reconnect this keyboard while booted into Microsoft windows operating system.

You can browse device manager and then click on a “scan for hardware changes” icon. This will cause Microsoft windows to try to detect and load a driver for your keyboard. Finally, I would recommend that you perform a factory reset laptop or desktop to avoid wasting time troubleshooting a non working keyboard.