Yahoo Sponsored Ads – Legit or Malware?

I receieved a question from a viewer on my Anet Computers YouTube channel. There question deals with a message they are receiving, waiting for Yahoo has an advertiser service similar to Google Adwords and Adsense.

“Just asking, but do you know what “waiting for” is??”

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Advertisers bid by keyword(s) to display their ads on third party websites like I am not signed up for the Yahoo Bing network, but I am planning on trying to get approved as a companion or alternative to Google Adsense. Anyways, on to answering this question.

Yahoo and Bing run ads on websites, blogs, Yahoo Mail, etc. You will see from time to time messages in your web browser similar to “waiting for”. I have noticed that these ad networks are not perfect and sometimes they are slow to respond or even timeout on you.

This is a legitimate advertising service. However, if you see too many of these requests or you notice your web browsing is slower than normal, then it is possible that you have malware on your computer. Perpetrators have learned to inject malware on your computer with their Bing Yahoo network credentials in order to make money off ads that are shown to you.

I recommend that if you think you have malware, to install and run SuperAntiSpyware or other comparable anti-malware program. Another possible solution is for you to block these ads. These legitimate ads have been known to cause timeout problems.

What this means is that you are waiting for your email messages to display or web pages to display and instead you are waiting for messages similar to “waiting for”. I had an in person customer that was having this exact issue. I wrote a waiting for comet.Yahoo.Com & PR.Comet.Yahoo.Com potential fix blog post describing how you can block these Yahoo ads in your web browser.

Obviously, if you don’t notice any speed decrease then you at least know what this message means and you don’t need to block these ads.