Family Tree Maker 2017 Software – Missing From Computer

Another computer support request. This time an individual had lost their all too important Family Tree Maker 2017 software. Here is their original initial request:

“Hi, after rebooting my Windows 10, several apps while taking off my screen. One of which was my family tree maker 2017. How do I get that app back?”

Here is my original initial response:

You can type into Cortana search bar “Add or remove programs”. Select Add or remove programs. Scroll through the list of programs installed on your computer.

If Family Tree Maker 2017 is missing, you might be able to get it back by performing a system restore. Restore windows back to when Family Tree Maker 2017 was still installed on your computer. I can give you more detailed instructions for system restore.

This individual was NOT able to restore Microsoft Windows 10 back to before this Family Tree Maker 2017 software went missing. Also, they requested that I remotely connect to their computer and fix this problem. I obliged and was able to restore their software.

I immediately verified their “Apps and features” list. Also, I verified their system restore points. I adjusted the file allocation space quota for restore points, so that in the future more restore points would be created. I then went searching for family tree maker software on their computer.

There was a Family Tree Maker 2017 software entry under the Windows 10 start menu. However, there was only the uninstall link. I found the Family Tree Maker 2017 software download under what is apropos the “Downloads” folder for this individuals Microsoft Windows 10 profile.

I started the installer and sure enough I was able to restore Family Tree Maker 2017 software. However, restoring this individuals data was a different story. I do NOT use most software that my clients use on a daily basis.

I had to scramble to figure out how to restore this clients family tree. They allegedly had written a family genealogy book with this software. Anyways, the first time I tried to import their family tree, none of their data remained permanent.

This was a colossal fuck up. The next time Family Tree Maker 2017 software was opened the data went missing. A quick Internet search revealed that all I needed to do was restore the correct database.

You click on “File” from the top menu and then select “Restore…”. Now you browse to the family tree backup that you want restored. Family Tree Maker 2017 software backups have a .ftmb file name extension.

Once you have found your backup that you want to restore, you just click on “Open”. Depending on how large this backup is, it can take a few minutes for this backup file to get restore. You must also save this restored file onto your hard drive, which is quite strange to me.

Anyways, once your backup is successfully restored, there will be some optional choices presented to you. You can restore sync files and or replace historical events. This individual did NOT want to perform either choice.

They then opened Family Tree Maker 2017 software and sure enough all of their data was restored. These instructions were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Family Tree Maker 2017 software installed. You can use these instructions as basis points for other Microsoft operating systems and perhaps other versions of Family Tree Maker software.

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