Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working – Corrupt Profile Fix

Another individual with Windows 10 start menu not working. I received another request from a third party website where I earn supplemental income answering computer and technology related questions. This is the initial original request:

“Hello, Windows 10 start menu is not working. I have tried different solutions and with no luck. I tried the power shell recommendations.

And from what I have read, this is becoming an issue with a lot of users.”

Here is my initial original response:

You might be able to perform a Windows system restore. Restore Windows back to before you were having this problem. Press Ctrl Alt Delete keys at the same time.

A blue windows should open up. Select “Task Manager”. Click on “File” from top menu.

Select “Run new task”. Place check next to “Create this task with administrative privileges”. Type in “cmd” without quotes”.

Click on “OK”. Type this command into a black command prompt window:


A system restore windows should open. Click on “Next”. Choose a restore point by clicking on one, then click “Next”.

Try to choose a restore point back to before you were having this problem. Click on “Finish” to confirm your restore point. Windows 10 system restore will need to restart your computer and can take awhile to run.

Eventually Windows 10 will boot normal. Hopefully, this will fix your problem.

This individual could not fix this issue with Microsoft Windows system restore because they only had restore points dating back to after this problem started occurring. This client requested that I remotely connect and attempt to fix this problem. I of course obliged.

I performed my usual troubleshooting. I ran a system file check with this command:

sfc /scannow

I checked out what Microsoft Windows 10 updates had been recently installed. I am pretty certain that a Microsoft Windows 10 update was the culprit. However, since there were not any restore points available back before this problem began, caused me further troubleshooting.

I made certain that I ran scans for malware, spyware, and viruses. It is better to NOT over look the potential of one of those a fore mentioned culprits causing this problem. This time I did NOT kick off a check disk scan because this individual had already ran this scan.

Also, they had performed an system file check scan but told me after I had started this scan. Also, I used my preferred PC Optimization tool. Instead of fucking around with Microsoft Windows 10 updates, I decided to enable the administrator account.

I let this individual know that this account had been enabled and did NOT have a password. I concluded that it may have been a corrupt Microsoft Windows 10 profile. I asked this client to restart their computer and login with the administrator account.

If the Windows 10 start menu not working problem disappeared then indeed it was a corrupt profile. Also, I informed this individual that if that was the case they needed to create another Microsoft Windows 10 profile and move all their user data to the new profile. I informed them that they would NOT need to worry about any of their programs being removed.

I did NOT hear back from this individual, so I assume this solved their problem. Microsoft Windows profiles becoming corrupt is nothing new. However, I never waste time trying to fix a corrupt Microsoft Windows profile.

There can be many reasons why they become corrupt. From my experiences they are extremely difficult if not impossible to repair. You can actually save time and possible headaches by just creating a new Microsoft Windows profile and moving your data from the old profile.

These instructions were written for a computer with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system installed. You can use these instructions as a basis for other Microsoft operating systems.

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