Free Spyware Removal – by Using Windows System Restore

Another information technology problem in the world order. This time a customer was infected with spyware. Here is their request:

Porno spyware alert, server rudely is asking for user name and password. Reports URL blocked. Warnings, etc.

This individual was using a Samsung desktop computer. They then called a telephone number that was supplied on screen, but thankfully did NOT trust the individual they were speaking to. They received another on screen warning:

Message says my computer will be disabled if I close page to prevent further damage to our network. What should I do?

Here is my response:

Are you able to access the Internet on that computer? I would try to download some software like Superantispyware to remove any possible spwyare. Update the software first and then run a scan.

Also, you could try to perform a system restore and restore it back to before you were infected. I can research and make sure it is not worse like ransomware. Has it asked you to pay a ransom at all?

It could be a phishing scam, I wouldn’t enter any information into any form. Also, it could a scam where you call that number and they ask you to pay them to troubleshoot your computer. This individual rebooted their computer and claimed they no longer received those pop up messages.

However, this does NOT mean that their computer was free from infection. A windows system restore to me is a FREE spyware removal tool. That is because it does NOT require an additional fee and will possibly restore your computer back to before the infection took place.

This is what was described after they restarted that computer:

Blank windows came up, then Yahoo window opened, todays news. We closed and everything seems normal, but very slow. Just opened email.

To save time I recommend running a system restore instead. Choose a restore point back to before you were infected. If system restore does NOT work and or their are no restore points available, then you need to run some antivirus, spyware, malware, etc. scans.

I would NOT just leave a computer that was infected like that alone without trying to at least scan for malware, spyware, viruses, etc.