Java Update Windows 7 – Instructions For Norton Antivirus

I received a request for help with installing a Java update Windows 7. This is their initial communication:

My Java needs update. I am trying to get on line with Norton help line, they said I have to get Java working.

This is perplexing to me that an ant-ivirus developer would use an application like Java, that historically, has had security vulnerabilities. However, apparently Norton anti-virus or one of their security suites, requires Java. You will need to download free java software.

Click on “Free Java Download”. You will need to click on “Agree and Start Free Download”. You will be asked to either Open/Run and or Save File from a popup window.

Save Java to your hard drive. This was a 68.5 megabytes download at the time of this blog post creation. Once this download completes, then double click this file to begin the installation.

Click on “Yes” at the User Account Control dialogue. You then just click on “Install”. Java will begin to install.

You may need to restart your web browswer in order for the Java plugin to load correctly. You can test and verify your Java software. This online tool will tell you what version of Java software is installed on your computer.

Also, it should load your Java web browser plugin so that you know the installation succeeded. I personally only have Java loaded on one computer. There is one application I use that requires Java.

If it were not for this lone application, I would NOT install Java software at all. I do NOT load Java on any of my other computers. Java to me is too much of a security risk, plus this software is bloated at least to me.

Are you interested in anti-virus software that does NOT require Java? Download your FREE 30 day trial.