Google AdSense – Monetization For Multiple YouTube Channels Fix

Monetizing your YouTube channel with your Google AdSense account at times can become a bear. Google does not allow opening up multiple adsense accounts with same payee name. Also, Google has a one hundred dollar ceiling for your first adsense payment.

I recently created a new YouTube channel for a different niche. I had most of my channel completed and just needed to link my Google adsense account within my YouTube channel. However, no matter what I tried I could not get my good standing adsense account to link properly.

Currently, I use the same Google adsense account for multiple websites. For whatever reason when you are prompted to login to a different Google account it does not deal with different cookies properly. I found a solution, from a Google forums, which will allow you to remain logged into that YouTube account that you want to monetize with Google adsense.

First you want to open a regular browser window session. I used Mozilla FireFox. Then you want to open a new private browser window. In FireFox you open “File” then select “New Private Window”.

In Google Chrome you select a “New Incognito Window”. Go to your normal browser window and login to your YouTube account that you want to monetize. Click on “My Channel” then click on “Video Manager”.

Select “Channel” then select “Monetization”. Select “How I will be payed” then choose “Associate an Adsense Account”. Click “Next” then select “Create or use another account”.

Select “Sign in”. Once you click sign in, copy a uniform resource locator link from your normal browser and paste into your private browser. In a private browser window click “Sign out and sign in as a different user”. You may not need to perform this step or you will just see a sign out link.

In your private browser window type in your Google AdSense account login email address and password then click “Sign in”. In a private browser window click “Accept Association”. Once you click on this button you will be sent to your Google Adsense account page.

If for some reason you are redirected to YouTube, in a private browser window, then copy that link and paste into your regular browser window. You can open up a new tab instead, as long as you copy and paste into a private browser window.