Password Exporter – Allows Export and Import For Mozilla Firefox

Password Exporter by Justin Scott allows you to export and import passwords to Mozilla Firefox web browser. I have used this free add on for many years. To install it you click on “Tools” then select “Add-ons”.

Once in Add-ons Manager you type “password exporter” without quotes into a search box in upper right hand corner. Click on “Install” button on right hand side. Once this add on is installed you want to go into an options screen.

This add-on is located in an “Extensions” tab when you select Tools Add-ons from Mozilla Firefox toolbar menu. In options there are “Export Passwords” and “Import Passwords”. If you want to export passwords to an .xml or .csv file select Export Passwords.

If you want to import passwords from an .xml or .csv file then select Import Passwords. In order to view saved passwords click on “View Saved Passwords”. A Saved Logins window will open.

You will see Site, Username, Last Used, Last Changed fields. In order to view your passwords click on “Show Passwords”. You will be prompted to confirm with a yes or no.

When you click Yes a Password field is created showing all passwords for all websites. This is useful if you forget your password and you need to know it. This free add on for Mozilla Firefox web browser only, allows you to store all your passwords in one file

Also, this allows you to import all your passwords into Mozilla Firefox on other computers. One final option is an “Obfuscate Usernames/Passwords” option next to “Export Passwords”. When checking this box, all exported passwords are encrypted.

However, if a person has access to this file and imports these passwords then they will be able to view these passwords from within Mozilla Firefox view passwords option.