Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – Jetstream Benchmarking Tool

JetStream web browser benchmarking tool is a javascript test. You can use this test to see how your web browser performs and compare it to other we browsers. Jetstream 1.1 has quite a few javascript benchmakring tests within this test tool.

* 3d-cube
* 3d-raytrace
* base64
* cdjs
* code-first-load
* code-multi-load
* crypto-aes
* crypto-md5
* crypto-sha1
* date-format-tofte
* date-format-xparb
* mandreel-latency
* n-body
* regex-dna
* splay-latency
* tagcloud
* typescript
* bigfib.cpp
* box2d
* container.cpp
* crypto
* delta-blue
* dry.c
* earley-boyer
* float-mm.c
* gbemu
* gcc-loops.cpp
* hash-map
* mandreel
* n-body.c
* navier-stokes
* pdfjs
* proto-raytracer
* quicksort.c
* regexp-2010
* richards
* splay
* towers.c
* zlib

This javascript tool displays a score after completion of the above tests. A larger score is better. To run this Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox benchmarking test tool browse to JetStream and then click on “Start Test”.

Three iterations of each test are ran. You will see a “Running” box while these tests are performed. An average score is displayed after each test completes.

That “Running” box moves to each test as they are completed. The makers of this tool did not stipulate or at least, I could not find any information on what web browsers are supported. I ran this test on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

I assume most any web browser that supports javascript should be compatible. Also, I am not sure if this benchmakring tool is supported. Version 1.1 is newest version as of the time of this blog post creation.

This javascript test can take awhile to run as it performs three iterations of each test. I would say set aside at least ten minutes. When this test completes you will see a score at the top with plus and minus.

Also, you can run this test again by clicking on “Test Again”. At the bottom you will see the same score in geometric mean. I just ran this benchmarking javascript on Google Chrome version 61 and received these results.

± 3.0998

This JetStream javascript test is hosted at the website. I have ran this test multiple times one after each other and get different results. However, those results are within 5 points.