Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox – Kraken Benchmarking Tool

Kraken benchmarking tool may help you decide between Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. The most current version of Kraken is 1.1. This tool was actually created by which also created the Firefox web browser.

This web browser benchmarking tool tests javascript. This test tool is based off of another web browser benchmarking test tool called SunSpider. I have used Sunspider benchmark before to test my web browsers and have a blog post writtena bout that tool as well.

Kraken test results are displayed in milliseconds. The lower the score the better. The following test cases are used.

* A* search algorithm
* Corban Brook’s DSP.js library
* Jacob Seidelin’s Pixastic library
* JSON Tinderboxpushlog parsing
* Stanford JavaScript Crypto Library

In order to begin this Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Kraken benchmarking tool you click on “Begin”. You will see a “This will start a rather big download” message next to this. Kraken tool has a progress bar made up of ten by fifteen squares.

This tool takes around thirty seconds to one minute, depending on variables like computer speed and Internet speed. You can run this Krekan javascript web browser benchmark tool by clickin on “Run Again”. The five major categories listed above have statistics displayed. stipulates that lower scores are better. Here is a sample test output for my computer running Google Chrome web browser version 61:

RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total: 2772.8ms +/- 1.6%

ai: 278.2ms +/- 6.7%
astar: 278.2ms +/- 6.7%

audio: 790.0ms +/- 3.5%
beat-detection: 183.4ms +/- 13.2%
dft: 350.1ms +/- 1.7%
fft: 115.9ms +/- 2.8%
oscillator: 140.6ms +/- 6.7%

imaging: 815.0ms +/- 1.0%
gaussian-blur: 253.1ms +/- 0.3%
darkroom: 263.9ms +/- 0.5%
desaturate: 298.0ms +/- 2.6%

json: 226.4ms +/- 16.8%
parse-financial: 138.1ms +/- 27.8%
stringify-tinderbox: 88.3ms +/- 3.3%

stanford: 663.2ms +/- 2.4%
crypto-aes: 143.8ms +/- 1.5%
crypto-ccm: 185.7ms +/- 1.9%
crypto-pbkdf2: 235.1ms +/- 5.6%
crypto-sha256-iterative: 98.6ms +/- 3.1%

This Kraken javascript test tool creates a Uniform Resource Locator for you to compare with another test run. I am not sure how long these Hyper Text Markup Language links are archived.