Google Pixel 2 – Bluetooth Headphones Not Working Bug

The Google Pixel 2 has been nothing short of a disaster since its release to some endusers. Another problem has creeped up with this dumb device, er I mean smart device. You see many owners of the Google Pixel 2 are complaining that they are unable to use bluetooth headphones with Google assistant.

Support personnel over at Google are aware of this problem and are allegedly working on a fix. Current patches for other problems with the Google Pixel 2 will not fix this bug. Coincedentally, although I do NOT always believe in coincidences, Google is releasing their Pixel Buds which retail at $159 with possible free shipping.

Pre-orders of the Pixel Buds will arrive in the next week or two. I do NOT know if the Pixel Buds will work via bluetooth with Google Assistant. Allegedly, one person with Google Pixel Buds also is having this problem.

However, many consumers are unable to get third party headphones to work with Google assistant. One of Google’s explanations for why some headsets won’t work via bluetooth on the Pixel 2 is that headsets must be bluetooth 5.0 compatible. Apparently the Google Pixel 2 is shipped with bluetooth 5.0.

Why their device is NOT backwards compatible with earlier versions of bluetooth is beyond me. The Google Pixel 2 also ships with the latest Google Android operating system Oreo. Some consumers claim that Google Assistant will work with but the phone was NOT locked and screen was on.

We shall see if and when Google releases a patch to fix this issue. As of this blog post creation, team Google has NOT released a patch. Finally, this is NOT the only problem with the Google Pixel 2.

Some consumers have reported that they were shipped a Google Pixel 2 smart device without an operating system installed. You cannot make this information up. I do NOT own a Google made Android and I do NOT use Google Assistant.