Hotmail Contacts – Quick How to Add Contacts to Your Account

UPDATE: 07/08/2014

Microsoft has once again changed their interface for Hotmail. In order for you to get to your Microsoft Hotmail contacts you click on the drop down arrow to the right of “” and to left of “New”. This drop down menu includes “People”. Select “People” and you are now at your contacts.

You can add, remove, edit, etc. from within “People”.

UPDATE: 06/26/2018

Microsoft Corporation is at it again changing their Hotmail email interface. If you want to quickly access your Hotmail email contacts, then click on “Filter” on the right hand side when you log into your inbox. A list of options will display.

Choose “Contacts” and all of your Hotmail email contacts should be displayed. Make certain you disable any ad blockers for the domain.

When I tried loading my contacts, I received this message:

“Cannot perform this action on your mailbox.”

You can still access your Microsoft Hotmail email contacts by clicking on the “People” icon under “Upgrade to Premium”. There are two sections you can work with. “Contacts” and “Contact lists”.

You can then quickly edit, delete, and manage your Microsoft Hotmail email contacts. You can add a contact(s) to your favorites. A “Filter” drop down list allows you to filter by contacts or contact lists, display by first or last name, and sort by first name or last name or company name.

Look for and click on “New contact” to create a new contact in Microsoft Hotmail email. Clicking on “Manage” gives you these options:

* restore deleted contacts
* import contacts
* export contacts
* clean up contacts

You can only import and export with comma separated value files. You can restore recently deleted contacts. Also, you can permanently delete them from this option.

I do NOT know how recent they must have been deleted or what is considered “recent” to Microsoft. Clean up your contacts looks for duplicate contacts. This tool will NOT delete any duplicates but will link them so they appear as just one contact.

Contact lists function basically the same way as Contacts. The difference is you can create lists of contacts. For example coworkers, family, friends, book club, etc.

While Microsoft has listed your contacts under “People” for quite some time now, who knows where your Microsoft Hotmail email contacts will become available in the future. I personally do NOT rely on Microsoft products. However, quite a few people still do.

Especially, maybe perhaps because you can create and use a Microsoft account to login with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

Today I will show you how to quickly find and add contacts to your Microsoft Hotmail account. The menu item for contacts maybe confusing or difficult to find, as Microsoft likes to change their Microsoft Hotmail web interface. Once logged into your Microsoft Windows live Hotmail account, you will see “Contact List” under “Related Places” which is at the lower left part of that page towards the very bottom.

Click on “Contact List” and that will take you to your Microsoft Hotmail contact list where you can add, remove, import, export, etc. contacts.

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