USB Speaker Phone – Fix to Get Your Kensington VO300 to Work

This is a potential fix to get your Kensington VO300 universal serial bus Internet speaker phone working. You can download and install the most current version of software and drivers for the Kensington VO300. Skip to the following section “Kensington Vo300 USB Internet Speaker phone version 1.1.8” for installation instructions.

UPDATE: 6/18/2018

Kensington’s website no longer has installation instructions. Also, version 1.1.8 software is no longer available. Kensington Works 1.20 is available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

However, since I do NOT own one of these devices, I am not sure if this software will work with the Kensingnton VO300 universal serial bus Internet speaker phone.

If you already have older software installed you will have to remove that first before installing version 1.1.8. If the Kensington VO300 software does not work after installation, then you may have to run the program in Microsoft Windows compatibility mode. Browse to the folder where the Kensington software you installed is located in.

Once there can you find the .exe file for the Kensington software and Right Click it. A menu will pop up and then select “Properties”. In properties click on the “Compatibility” tab.

In that tab under “Compatibility mode” select one of the “Windows XP” options from the drop down list. Also, check the box “Run this program as an administrator” under “Privilege Level” then click “OK”. Try to right click the Kensington icon in your system try or lower right corner and select “close”.

Either reboot the computer or go to the “Start” “Programs” location for Kensington and restart the software which ever is easiest for you. Hopefully, the program will run correctly using windows xp compatibility mode. This fix was successful on a computer with Microsoft Windows Vista operating system installed.

These instructions were written specifically for Microsoft Windows Vista operating system but can certainly be used as a basis for other Microsoft operating systems. The Kensington VO300 USB speakerphone are no longer manufactured new. This device might still be available on or

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