Service Pack XP 3 – Fixes For “Access Denied” Error Messages

Some users are reporting that they are receiving an “Access Denied” message when trying to install Windows XP Service Pack 3. I am going to show you today some potential fixes for this error. One potential fix is to reboot your computer, and then try to install Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3 manually, by downloading and running the service pack 3 install file from MajorGeeks.

Microsoft has removed the ability to download Windows XP service pack three directly from their servers. You can download Microsoft XP Service Pack 3. Another fix is assuming you have been trying to install Service Pack 3 with an administrator account.

You can try resetting the security settings for Microsoft Windows XP. A system file may be locked for some strange reason. You can follow this short tutorial from Microsoft, to reset your security settings.

Windows XP Security Settings

Another possibility would be to reboot your computer then disabling any anti virus, adware, spyware, malware applications you have installed and then attempting to install Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3. You can follow the tutorial for this from Microsoft. Go ahead and skip to “Method 2” under “Resolution” since you have already tried method 1 under Resolution.

Microsoft Support XP

A fourth possibility, if none of the methods above work, is to reset the registry and file permissions. This is an advanced method and can be completed by following “Method 1” under “Advanced Troubleshooting” section.

Microsoft Support XP

You can also read through the prerequisites before installing Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3, if you would like from Microsoft. There are also some additional troubleshooting steps in that article for “access denied” errors when attempting to install Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3.

Windows XP Tech Support

You might want to keep any of the Windows XP service pack 2 updates under add and remove programs in case you want to roll back to Service Pack 2 in the future. If you delete service pack 2 then you will NOT be able to roll back to that service pack. You may want to leave it installed in case of an emergency.

Sometimes Microsoft knowledge base update KB911895 fails to install after upgrading to Microsoft Windows XP service pack 3. You can browse to C:\Windows\system32\drivers and then delete or rename the wdf01000.sys file. After deleting or renaming the file, you go to windows update and select “Custom”, then select hardware updates and “HID Non-User Input Data Filter” should be there again. Now select download and install.

Hopefully, Microsoft Knowledge Base update KB911895 will install successfully this time. Another option if that does not fix the KB911895 problem, is to then boot into Microsoft Windows safe mode and download and install this update manually from Microsoft.

Patches Microsoft

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