Computer Shuts Off – Fix This Windows Computer Reboot Problem

Does your Microsoft Windows based computer shut off when you turn it on? If you have tried pressing the F8 key, to enter the advanced boot options and tried all safe mode options, as well as the system restore feature, and nothing helped, there are other trouble shooting options. I assume you have tried “Last known configuration” when hitting the F8 key.

Also, when selecting any of the safe mode options does the computer boot into safe mode successfully or does the computer power itself off again? If the computer boots successfully into Microsoft Windows safe mode with networking I recommend running some malware, spyware, and virus scans. If you have the Microsoft Windows Vista installation media ie. DVD or restore compact disc that came with your computer, you can perform a repair installation.

You can follow this tutorial to perform a repair installation.

Repair Vista

If you do not have a Microsoft Windows Vista recovery CD-ROM or Microsoft Windows Vista DVD you can download a Microsoft windows vista recovery disk via the following link.

PC Recovery Disk

This file is an iso file so you will have to burn the iso file onto a CD-ROM and make it bootable. There is a tutorial on how to do this if you don’t know how.

Burning ISO

You might be able to perform a Microsoft Windows system restore. You would restore windows back to before you were having this problem with Microsoft office. I can give you instructions showing you how to perform a system restore.

Click the Microsfot Windows Vista start menu button. Type “System Restore” into a search box. Select “System Restore”.

Click on “Continue” in the user account control dialogue. Click on “Next”. You should see a list of restore points.

Choose one that you think is before you were having problems with Microsoft Office. There might be a “Show restore points older than 5 days” check box. Selecting that check box will show more restore points if available.

Choose your restore point by clicking on one. Click on “Next”. In the last screen you want to click on “Finish”.

This will begin the Microsoft windows system restore process. Your computer will automatically get rebooted. Hopefully, this will fix your Microsoft Office problem.

If not, I have two additional scans you can run. You can run both check disk and system file check scans. You must open a command prompt with administrator rights.

Type in the following command:

sfc /scannow

I recommend running this scan three times. Now you want to schedule a check disk scan. Type this command into a command prompt:

chkdsk c: /f /r

You will be presented with a volume in use message. Type Y for yes at that prompt. You will need to restart your computer.

A check disk scan should automatically begin with in 10 seconds. Do NOT touch your keyboard. If that check disk scan does not start, then follow the previous instructions to schedule it again.

These instructions were written for Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. These solutions would also work with other versions of Microsoft windows operating systems. For example Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7.

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